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  • Montag, 22.01.2018 um 10:51 Uhr

Hello Abdul,
Thank you for your inquiry. Please tell us your contract number so that we can have a look and answer your question.
Kind regards

  • Montag, 22.01.2018 um 15:24 Uhr

Hello Jasmin, Thank you for replying so soon! My contract number is : 232xxxxxxxxx Best regards! Abdul

  • Merle
  •  Community Experte
  • Dienstag, 23.01.2018 um 07:56 Uhr

Hi Adbul,
thank you a lot for your contract number. I had a quick look at your data and I am sorry, but there is no bonus agreed between you and us.
One basis for you to receive a bonus is that you are a new customer which means you have not been our customer for the last six months. Also you need to sign a special contract with us where a bonus is agreed in the contract terms. But you did not choose this kind of contract.
Do you have any further question? Feel free to contact us again.

  • Dienstag, 23.01.2018 um 09:37 Uhr
Hello Merle,
Thank you for the reply and the clarification! Can you please explain to me what happens if i paid monthly more or less than my real consumption and when is that calculated and why i can't see my next bill anymore on my account on the site ?
Best regards!

  • Dienstag, 23.01.2018 um 13:14 Uhr

Hello Abdul,

You are welcome and thanks a lot for your further questions.

Currently you cannot see your next monthly reduction because we are planning to create annual bill at the end of January - or the beginning of Frabruary at the latest.

In this bill you will find your electricity consumption based on the meter readings and the payments made by you during the last months.

In the case that you paid more than you actually needed (compared to your consumption) we will transfer the money back to you.

If your electricity consumption has been higher we will charge you the difference.

And in both cases your monthly payment will be adjusted to your actual electrcity consumption automatically.

Your bill we be created as soon possible now - please just let us know your current meter reading (e.g. via "Mein E.ON").

Best regards